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About Us

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 We want to thank all of you for the amazing amount of support we have received already! We are setting things up right, to make the highest quality beer that we can to share with all of our friends and neighbors. This is a ton of work, and we want to thank you all for your patience. Check back soon for updates and cool pictures as we install our Brewbilt 10bbl brewhouse, and start construction on our tap room. Cheers!!

Our Story

The Beginning

Co- Founders and brothers Brandon and Shawn Smith’s love for craft beer began in the early 2000’s as patrons enjoying pints from the former Elk Grove Brewery in old town. A few years and several pints later, as seasoned beer connoisseurs and natural do-it-yourselfers, the two brothers decided to take matters into their own hands. They purchased a home brew starter kit. After a couple of successful batches (and rave reviews from family and friends) the brothers were hooked. Brandon used his skills acquired through years of carpentry and a few science classes to upgrade the brewing system and produce excellent batches. Meanwhile, Shawn pondered various names for their new beer. 

The Name

Brandon and Shawn were avid backpackers and outdoor enthusiasts. One Summer day in 2008 the brothers were planning their next adventure and discussing routes for their trip. After examining a topography map Brandon informed Shawn that “On day 2 of our hike we will pack into Hungry Packer Lake.” All the while the brothers had yet to name their delicious fermented beverage. With that in mind Shawn looked up from the map and at his brother and asked “Did you just say Hungry Pecker Lake?” The brothers began to chuckle at one another. The smiling brothers soon turned straight faced and big eyed towards one another. They realized that together they had just accidentally muttered the perfect name for their new beer, Hungry Pecker.

The Brewery

Hungry Pecker had been an idea dreamed up by the Smith brothers for a decade now. Brandon and Shawn joined with childhood friend Preston Hanford. Together they wanted to take their home brewing operation to the next level. In 2018 Preston and the Smith brothers decided to begin to open Hungry Pecker Brewing Company. 

Our Roots

Our roots in the community run deep. All Co-Founders are life long residents of Elk Grove. Brandon, Shawn and Preston all attended Pleasant Grove Elementary, Joseph Kerr Middle School and Elk Grove High School. Shawn was a 2002 graduate of EGHS and a member of the Thundering Herds Section Champion football team. Brandon and Shawn’s father was a local rebar contractor and youth football coach. Preston’s family currently owns and operates a local ready mix company. All Co-Founders still live in Elk Grove and have children that attend EGUSD schools. 

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Hungry Pecker Brewing

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